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Some time after starting Docker Desktop, many Mac applications stop responding, requiring hard reboot

I am seeing this a few times a day, but only if Docker Desktop has been started. It can occur even if I have not run any docker commands, and I have tried doing a factory reset of Docker Desktop, which didn’t help. When I get into this state:
-Many apps start hanging, especially Docker Desktop, which gets a beach ball if I try to open the menu.
-It is impossible to start most new apps, such as Activity Monitor, though a few very basic cmds, such as “echo” can be run if I have a terminal open.
-There is nothing I can do with docker to get diagnostics
-Hard reboot is required to fix the situation, as killing Docker Desktop and other apps doesn’t help, and shutdown/restart hangs.

Most hanging software:
Docker Desktop

Unaffected apps, that don’t hang:

Docker version:
Os version: Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132)