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Split vs attach containers - Docker

Hello everybody,

Im new using Docker and my mind still have to learn about how to think using Dockers.

I was using VMachines to do my jobs or Servers, but now Im thinking about introduce Dockers.

The thing is I have my own app developed in .NET (so it needs .NET), which it needs SQLServer, Microsoft IIS to deploy a web server, the Windows Report Viewer (some of them:2008,2010 SP1), and some components.

My doubt is if it´s better to split it in different containers, for example:
Container1: SQLSERVER
Container2: .NET + my app
Container3: Microsoft IIS

… so so

Or maybe it´s better to make a only container with all programs needed to run my app. Which is best option?

About my app, I have a .exe file to install it. ¿Does it work? ¿Or what I should do to install it in a container?

Thanks in advance