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Start Docker Beta from command line


(Hectorgial) #1

Hello. I’m trying the new Docker Beta application but unlike the Toolbox version, I can’t start the Docker machine from the command line with “docker-machine” command, and I have to start the manually every time, breaking all my automated scripts that were starting my virtualbox machine with docker-machine start command. I know the lack of the docker-machine command in this version.

Is there any way to launch the from the command line? Maybe with the “docker” command? I can use the “open /Applications/” but is not so nice… And obviously can be in another directory.


(Alexandre) #2

The reason why you could type docker-machine from the command line is because there was a symbolic link from /usr/local/bin/docker-machine to (most likely) /Users/username/Library/Group Containers/

For, if you are concerned that the binary could be in another directory (why?), you can create a link where ever you like and link it to the you want to use.

Also, why is open not so nice?

(Hectorgial) #3

Thanks Alexandre, I understand why I can’t use docker-machine, the Docker Machine doesn’t work the same way as before.

The binary usually is under /Applications directory, but maybe not, and usually is more reliable the command line.

Open is nice if you have located the binary, but with the docker-machine command you can check the status for the VM easily, and start/stop commands. Works like any Linux service. Now is a bit more tricky because I need to launch with open and then check the status with the Docker API. Anyway, it’s not a problem.


(Justin Cormack) #4

Generally you can just leave docker running all the time, so we hadn’t thought about scripting it. I guess we could add some hooks to do this.

(Breser) #5

In the meantime people can do:
open /Applications/