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Stopping docker host on windows using task manager or command prompt

I want to stop docker host by using either task manager or command prompt and it should also free up the resource it holds…if I kill the process it’s not free up all the resources as like the quit docker on the notification icon does

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Is this for Docker for Windows? If you exit the app, it should free up most resources.

Thks michael

Yes it’s docker for windows…if I manually quit,all the resources are released.But I have to stop the process using taskmanager, while doing so it’s not releasing all the memory it holds(in my case I have alloted 4gb to run docker)…Is it possible to quit docker either by taskmanager or by using cmd…

Why can’t you use the tray menu to quit?

It is possible to do this on the server versions, but not in the Docker for Windows version.

The command to stop the docker service in powershell is stop-service docker — I just tested this by stopping the service and watching the resource monitor here on a test server. It does appear to release everything, including CPU and memory.


It’s there Michael ,but I want to stop programmatically…is there any way for that??

Thanks Jason…

I want that to be achieved in Docker CE…

We want the bat to stop the Docker from background process in Windows 10.

This is not possible - what’s your use case?

Hi Michael,
In our case docker should automatically start and stop based on the available physical memory…There will be batch that will check for the available memory continuously and it should start and stop docker automatically…Is there any workaround to achieve that

Hi, My use case is that the docker’s taskbar menu is broken and can’t be interacted with, and I need to restart docker without restarting my entire machine. Is there something I can do?

You can stop the machine using this

This will give you the name of the machine

docker-machine ls

You can then stop the machine

docker-machine stop machine-name

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