Strategy for mDNS and default networking?

I am trying to run a docker that announce its services using multicast DNS (Bonjour, ZeroConf).

Is there a recommended way for clients on the local network can see these announcements even when using the default (safe) networking? I don’t want to use bridged networking, and the non-portable sharing of DBus that some Linux folks use is not available on the Mac and would also be suspect.

Ideally, the “magic” host networking portion of Docker would integrate an mDNS repeater (like but with rewriting of the outgoing announcement IPs). But I am willing to run a little code inside the container as well that talks to the host for the host to inject the announcements (plus pass on any incoming traffic).

Here is an example docker: cbrandlehner/homebridge But there are several others as well (daap, afp, etc.), basically anything that uses avahi.


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