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Stuck at starting, previous to that was getting near 100% disk activity, also, occasional Synthetic Watchdog Timeout BSODs when container not running

Okay, for the past couple of weeks or more, I have been seeing near to 100% disk activity on drive C: and everything is pointing to the particular container I have for Docker Desktop. On the other hand, on days when the container isn’t launched successfully, if I ignore it and just leave it in that state for the rest of the day, somewhere along the line, at random, the machine will hang for several moments, basically completely freeze up, for a couple minutes at a time, then come back out of it… or it will hang completely and stay that way.

And then sometimes it hangs like that, then goes to a bluescreen error, stating that a Synthetic Watchdog Timeout occurred, which tells me that something Hyper-V is causing a deadlock. These hangs and bluescreens ONLY seem to happen when Docker Desktop has NOT successfully launched the container.

I don’t like that Docker is causing huge amounts of disk activity, and I don’t like it that when it doesn’t launch the container at the start of the day, I get random system crashes the rest of the day. Far as I understand it, I was not getting this huge amount of disk activity before a couple of weeks ago, and I have had Docker Desktop and this container in place and launching at startup since January.

And now, today, I turn my machine on to find that the container in Docker is stuck forever at Starting… It was running fine the night before, and I don’t think I did anything to the machine that should have triggered this.

I am at loss.

Well, long story short, I wound up uninstalling the whole thing, reinstalling it all, and I SEEM to have it totally solved… other than my machine is still freezing up occasionally and then sometimes BSODing, but that seems to have lessoned a lot in the past couple of days.