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Stuck in docker is staring state after auto upgrade on install


(Zaphod80013) #1

Expected behavior

Norma startup

Actual behavior

Suck in docker is starting, waited about 15 minutes to see if it would clear.


pinata diagnose -u
OS X: version 10.11.5 (build: 15F34) version v1.11.1-beta13
Running diagnostic tests:
[OK] Moby booted
[OK] driver.amd64-linux
[OK] vmnetd
[OK] osxfs
[OK] db
[OK] slirp
[OK] menubar
[OK] environment
[OK] Docker
[OK] VT-x
Docker logs are being collected into /tmp/20160525-190603.tar.gz
Most specific failure is: No error was detected
Your unique id is: F630B007-9690-41AA-9EF6-D97590D24E13
Please quote this in all correspondence.

Quit and restart Docker, problem recurs.

Executed reset to factory defaults, re-entered key and started fine

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Clean install of beta 12
  2. Option to upgrade to beta 13 offered during/immediately after install
  3. Accept update
  4. Update install and app restarts
  5. shows docker is stating, apparently indefinitely

(Chris M) #2

I’m experiencing this with 1.11.2-beta15 build 9168

Diagnostic ID: