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Tags randomly disappearing on docker hub

We are currently using a paid plan for 250 repositories, we are noticing that are images are randomly missing tags. This is happened a few times a week, we had 3 different images missing tags that were in production, ran it a few days later and a few more were missing.

We’ve had to repush them back up to get that back in docker hub.

Images missing seemed to be between May and June… last weekend we had 9 images missing tags all in the August timeframe…

What is odd is we even have tags from a year ago, so it isnt a retention policy.

On a side note, I did email support 2 weeks ago, and still no response from email support.

Hello have you updated it and after that it happens or it has happened randomly? hireacar

We have had to push the same images multiple times, not often tho…

Today has been the worst so far…

Out of 58 images, 26 were missing tags

We are going to try upgrading our docker hub plan, we are still on a legacy plan, maybe something messed up with that plan

Have same situation - tags older than 30 days permanently disappears