Take ownership of existing organization

A previous employee at my company created an organization, petalcard, but we don’t have any way to access that. I’ve found other posts on these forums (e.g., An organization with the same name already exists) suggesting that someone here might be able to help me take ownership of that organization. The salesperson I had been talking with has stopped responding to me, so I’m not sure if there’s a more official way to make this happen. Can someone either help me get access to that organization, or point me to a better way to get it?

Adding a similar experience here. I’ve reached out to support three times to try to find out who in our company created our organization name, no responses other than auto generated responses.

We’re trying to register team licenses to be compliant with the new licensing requirements that take effect at the end of January but so far we can’t get past the organization name step.

If I can find out just the email address registered to our organization that would be helpful.