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An organization with the same name already exists


We are the IT department and it seems someone has already created an organization using the company name. How can we know who has that organization?

On the other hand I created an organization called vicomtec, how do we remove that one?

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Hi, what is the organization name?

Hi muffintin0,

The organization name I would like to create and I cant because someone already has it is vicomtech.

The organization name I created incorrectly and would like to remove is vicomtec

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Any update on this?

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Hi, i added you to the owners team in the vicomtech organization, you should be able to manage it, as well as adding other members. I also removed the vicomtec org.

Hey @muffintin0,

I have a similar problem. I want to create the Antescofo organisation but it already exists, is there a way to know who created that? and/or transfer the ownership?

ej (from :wink:

@muffintin0; same issue here. How do I found out who the contact person is for the organization “xilinx”. I don’t want to have to email my CEO. Thanks, Bryan

Hi @wilderfield, can you send me an email to from your “xilinx” email account? I can reply with the details. Thanks…

Hi @adminww, sorry i just saw the message. Please send an email to from the “” email domain, i will reply with details.

Hi @muffintin0,

We are the IT department and we have a similar problem. Our teammate unbound our former organization before, now we want to restore it but got ‘organization with the same name already exists’ error.

Our former organization name was ‘hyperchain’, could you please help us?

Best Regards,

Hello @muffintin0,
How can I get on that train? :slight_smile:
I have similar problem with registering organisation.
There is already an organisation with our desired name but I didn’t find any activity associated with it.

How could I claim such organisation account?


Same for me, and I opened a support request more than 2 month ago with 0 activity.

Hello @muffintin0,
Could you please help me find out if I, by any mistake blocked my organisation name ‘javisolutions’, or if someone else is using it?

Thx Jan

Hello @muffintin0m

I registered using docker ID “ustart”, but then deactivate the account, then I register as an user account and now I want to create the organization profile, but the create organization form says that docker ID “ustart” is not available…

Hello @muffintin0m
I have also exactly the same issue, in the past i create a dockerid “eastnets” which i have desactivated in order to create an organization with the same name. I’m not able to do it, It return “An organization with the same name already exists”. What can we do for this ?


Same train different story? I’m also looking at the “An organisation with the same name already exists”. Would it be possible to, at least, know whom created it? Or is there a way to join?

Hi @muffintin0 ,
I have the same problem. I need organization name “aptitude” but someone else has it, but I didn’t find any activity associated with it. How can I create an organization with this name? Also i created by mistake an organization with name “aptgr” could you remove it please, because i cant use my email to create another.My email address is “”

Katsianos Dimitris