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There is no docker directory in var/lib/



Dear all:
Hello! I am new here. I have pulled a image and want to make some adjustments to help analyse my data, as I am trying to find my downloaded image, I find there was no directory named docker under var/lib. So my questions are: 1) if I want to reach my goal, is this the only way that I directly modify image files by enter the directory? or there are other better ways. 2) if it is the only way ,how can I find my image when I can not find my docker directory.

  1. you don’t modify images in your local image cache folder. If you want to customize an existing image or create a new one, get yourself aquinted with how to write a Dockerfile.

  2. you can check your “Docker Root Dir” with the command docker info | grep Root

Though, your approach is wrong. If you want to create your own image, you need to write a Dockerfile.


Thanks very much for your advice!


Hello! I use the command you gave and it shows me the pathway that the docker directory is under “lib”, but when I enter the lib directory, there is still no docker directory.