Use a remote database instead a container Bitnami-Owncloud

Hi everyone,
I´ve already installed owncloud through importing a bitnami Virtual Machine that has docker and docker-compose already installed.

It creates two containers: one for mariadb and the other one for the application and its requirements. I need to use a a remote MySQL/MariaDB database instead of the container one. Is it possible via compose-up.yml?
Thanks in advance!

I use Nextcloud instead of ownCloud but this is probably similar. You can configure you database host in config/config.php. Just add the hostname and credentials of your MySQL/MariaDB container. And check the log file in the data directory for errors. Very easy. Consider using Nextcloud instead because it comes with password anti brute force protection. The rest is the same.

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Thanks for your fast response Charlesda!
I also think that both platforms should be very similar. I am going to try to modify these values in config/config.php but I don´t know where is this file exactly. I think it will work.
Best regards.