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Trouble using GCP storage driver

I’m testing docker’s registry as a proxy, running on kubernetes and using GCP as storage driver and I’m getting some errors in the logs :
time="2020-10-09T09:18:02.207958607Z" level=error msg="Error committing to storage: gcs: context canceled" go.version=go1.11.2 http.request.method=GET http.request.remoteaddr="" http.request.uri="/v2/testing/gateway/blobs/sha256:2c525ad882d7204b33558042dde5611b188ce33c975ae030c5b0a1c7d07731f4" http.request.useragent="docker/19.03.5 go/go1.12.12 git-commit/633a0ea838 kernel/4.19.0-9-amd64 os/linux arch/amd64 UpstreamClient(Docker-Client/19.03.5 \(linux\))" vars.digest="sha256:2c545ad882d7204b33558042dde5611b188ce33c975ae030c5b0a1c7d07731f4""testing/gateway"

Do you know what that may be related to?
I can see some files are being saved on the bucket and I’m not sure how this error affects my proxy.