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Tutorial instructions give wrong command, breaks

It says “To start the application, navigate to the directory containing the example voting application in the CLI and run docker-compose up --build .”

I run it and it says this:

$ ~/Documents/GitHub/example-voting-app (master)
$ docker-compose up --build .
Creating network "example-voting-app_back-tier" with the default driver
Creating network "example-voting-app_front-tier" with the default driver
Creating volume "example-voting-app_db-data" with default driver
No such service: .

The container isn’t in Desktop like it says it should be…

I look closer and notice the period is actually at the end of the sentence not the command, even though it looks identical to a full command due to the extremely light text highlighting…

I try it without the period because I now notice the example doesn’t have the period… it works.

I don’t know where to report a usability problem in the tutorial, but this is it for now I guess. Who knows if the Docker people will make it clear that the command they’re specifying doesn’t include the period.

Yes I know the period is missing in the lower example, but I hadn’t looked at it closely, and a tutorial telling you to run commands shouldn’t require you to look closely, it should be clear, considering how different results can be with one character being wrong, missing, or extraneous.