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uGet containers difficult use web gui

Hi All,
I have installed uGet containers for have download manager but the web gui not respond correctly, for download work correctly but interface not work well for left and right click, anyone have some advice?

Please share the exact(!) command or docker-compose.yml used to start the container.

Hi, meyay, where I can find this file?
Hi have configured like on
Essentially downloader work, I have tryed with some iso, but the web gui not respond correctly, for use it I need to use keyboard press tab to select buttons and hit enter for click.

Thank you for including “the exact(!) command or docker-compose.yml used to start the container” in your repsonse. Oh wait… you didn’t.

I will ask one more time: please share what I asked before AND additionaly add the output that shows the problem.

first of all your irony isn’t necessary, second I have ask where find compose yml of this docker, I have used this:

docker run -d \
    --name=uGet \
    -p 5800:5800 \
    -p 5900:5900 \
    -v /docker/appdata/uget:/config:rw \
    -v /home/user/downloads:/downloads:rw \
    -e THEME=light \

the problem can’t be displayed in a picture, regard the left and right click on the web gui that don’t work properly.

Without sharing what needs to be done to reproduce the problem it is impossible to help. Usualy people hide their mistakes by posting links or snippets from the docs, instead of posting the exact commands they use.

Anway, I started the container. I don’t understand what the issue should be. I open the URL http://{dockerhost}:5800 in Firefox. Navigation and mouse clicks work like a charme.

I was not able to connect “{dockerhost}:0” with ultravnc, even tough it translates to port 5900.

the problem is about Chrome (I use only it) after downloaded Firefox and installed, gui work normally…
I don’t know why this difference