Unabel to pull notary from docker hub

I have been unable to pull notary fro some reason but have been able to pull a number of other containers:

$docker pull notary
Using default tag: latest
Pulling repository docker.io/library/notary
Tag latest not found in repository docker.io/library/notary
[docker@dockerhub ~]$ docker images
ubuntu latest b549a9959a66 21 hours ago 187.9 MB
ruby latest 7ca70eb2dfea 37 hours ago 725.4 MB
nginx latest eb4a127a1188 44 hours ago 182.6 MB
maven latest a42124be49e0 44 hours ago 652.7 MB
perl latest 65ecb27286c7 46 hours ago 653.3 MB
php latest c47a0064b207 2 days ago 489.5 MB
docker latest 4dcb2970c3a0 2 days ago 41.55 MB
centos latest 778a53015523 5 days ago 196.7 MB
gcc latest 620d49f54058 2 weeks ago 1.392 GB
busybox latest 47bcc53f74dc 2 weeks ago 1.113 MB
swarm latest 291cbe419fe6 5 weeks ago 18.11 MB
registry latest bca04f698ba8 10 weeks ago 422.8 MB
hello-world latest 690ed74de00f 5 months ago 960 B


The notary image does not have a :latest tag. You can see the tags it has here: https://hub.docker.com/r/library/notary/tags/


docker pull notary:signer
docker pull notary:server