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Unable to delete organization


(Mfscloud) #1


I have previously made a request to delete the organization microgenfs, but it seems I still have it on my account.

I have a fellow user who is part of that organization, but is unable to remove himself from it, and neither am I.

Please help with this issue, as I need to re-use this organization for a different account.

Kind regards,

(Bryce Ryan) #2


I see that you made your request for us to delete the organization microgenfs on 22OCT2018. I also see a request to delete several other organizations earlier this month. Regarding microgenfs, the customer service team will handle your request in the order it was received.

Please note that Docker Technical Support and customer service do not routinely monitor these forums, so our best recommendation is to work with those teams using the ticketing system.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.