Unable to run git inside a Windows container

I’m having a strange situation trying to run git inside of a Windows container. For a while, it was working, but then after working on the Dockerfile and making changes, I’ve suddenly lost the ability to clone ssh-backed repositories.

I’m not sure what would have caused it, but I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this and perhaps if there’s a solution available.

I’ve made sure that I’m trying to use a public repository so that keys aren’t part of the equation.

cc https://github.com/Microsoft/dotnet-framework-docker/issues/61

Hi Alex,
Have you fixed your problem yet ?
I ran into some similar situation. Here are what I have:

  1. git and OpenSSH installed vs choco,
  2. managed start sshd and ssh-agent started.
  3. credential added, verified via ssh-add -l
  4. ssh -vvvv git@github.com says “You’ve successfully authenticated,…”

But I have same problem as yours.