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Unable to uninstall Docker for windows, Unable to locate ForceRemoveDocker.ps1 in resources folder

Unable to uninstall Docker for windows. Uninstallation freezed on “Removing VM and images”
The Docker version is (45183)
Windows 10 Ent 1909 (18363.1256)

I found a recommendation to use ForceRemoveDocker.ps1 from the resources folder in Programm Files/ Docker but there is not such script.

Could someine recommend the way how I can remove Docker completely (I want to install the lates version then).

Here is the lates install.log content
[00:41:18.103] [UninstallWorkflow] Reading installation manifest
[00:41:21.486] [UninstallWorkflow] Running before uninstall actions
[00:41:21.486] [UninstallWorkflow] Proceeding with CommunityInstaller.ExecAction

Try this:

  • Make sure that your device has enough space.
  • Run Windows Update a few times.
  • Check third-party drivers and download any updates.
  • Unplug extra hardware.
  • Check Device Manager for errors.
  • Remove third-party security software.
  • Repair hard-drive errors.
  • Do a clean restart into Windows.