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Update plex in docker

This is a multi part question.

I am running omv on an odroid hc2. It runs plex in a docker container a d serves as a nas.

I couldn’t run plex with hdhomerun because plex changed the scheduling in the latest update. I could not get plex updated inside of docker and thru multipule attempts finaly screwed up omv so bad i did a new install. Docker is still not using the latest version of plex so i accomplished nothing. I am not a linux wizard so I am my own worst enemy when i start fixing things.

Any suggestions on how i can get plex running the current version inside of docker with my current hardware setup.


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how do you run the container? and which image?
have you tried to pull the latest version?

The container is in host mode.

The image is the linux image.

Okay, the best way would for you to simple pull the image when its updated on docker hub.
You should be able to update in-container, but it might ruin the container, and also wont persist if you redeploy the container.

Or maybe think of switching to the offcial plex one:

Plex users, with an active plexpass subsciption, can use an image which specificly downloads and installs the latests (ubuntu) package when the container is (re)started. The official Plex image was developed with the guys from Though, official support in the Plex forum is only provided for the official image.

I find it difficult trying to help someone having no idea what they are doing and not willing to share all details. The provided details are not even sufficient to kick of the usual processing chain -> “gather facts, asses, act”… If you don’t know what you do, share at least screenshots of everything what you did.

People tend to abstract away details and hide the mistakes they do - this prevents people to immediatly see the problem and point out what needs to be done differently to succed.