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Updating OpenSUSE 42.1

(Ruebe) #1

Hi there,

I am trying to update OpenSUSE 42.1 so that it uses a recent version of Docker. It is delivered by default with 1.9.1, which does not understand the --shm-size option (available as of 1.10, IIUC).

The description here: does not work. In particular, there is no option “Extensions and Module from Registration Server” below “Add” in “Software Repositories”.

The SUSEConnect method does not seem to work either. It times out with the error "SCC returned ‘HTTP Token: Access denied’ ". I am behind a proxy, which seems to be configured correctly on the 42.1 box (Web access works, and the http_proxy and https_proxy variables are set to the correct values in a bash shell).

What other options exist ? Or is there another way to increase /dev/shm with Docker 1.9.1-based runtime environment?

Kind Regards,