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Migrating plex to docker

hello. im brand new to docker. ive set it up to run plex so i can have a vpn on the host machine but still have remote access. im moving plex into docker from the same machine. but when i try to find the plex files to cope my old settings it says it cant make a directory as it doesnt have permissions. ive gone into both hard drives and given all users complete access. im very new and dont know much coding so talk like im a child lol

I’m new as well, but have you tried sudo?

Edit: …and if that works I believe you can avoid needing it by using: $ sudo usermod -aG docker [current_user_name]


I think you need to specify what you’re trying to do, and what commands + errors you’re getting.

sorry. im trying to move my plex setting into the docker version of plex so i dont have to redo my metadata and watch settings. but to find the root files and go into the libraries on kitematic isnt possible as it cant make the directories in the first place. i havent tried sudo as i dont even know how to get it. anytime i tried using sudo it doesnt recognize the command. im doing all of this because i was running plex with a vpn and sonarr but plex doesnt work behind a vpn remotely. so if i put plex in a VM it should work. even if i try to make a directory i get the permission denied error. example is mkdir db
as for errors i dont even know commands. ive been trying to find tutorials but this is a little over my head to be honest.

I havnt worked with Kitematic, so i cant help you with that part.

But you should be able to mount your metadata dir into the plex container and start it up.
You said that you have tried sudo, does that mean you have tried to get this working by only commands?

If so, which command did you use to start it?

i havent used sudo. i dont even know what it is. ive been trying to set it up but i dont know what people are talking about. this is my last hope and there are no easy tutorials for setting it up

Okay, i will do my best to create a guide for you, to get you started.
can you tell me if you run on windows/linux/mac?