Usable browser Window real estate halved by masthead

Any way to reduce the size of the masthead here in the forums. As can be seen by this screen shot

takes nigh on 50% of the broswer window’s real estate. This reduces the amount of space left for lists of topics. On other Discourse instances their mastheads consist of the equivalant of

Not yet, but the next header will be probably smaller. Unfortunately I can’t tell you a date when it will happen.

Until that you can scroll down to the point where the bigger part of the header disappears and just a smaller menubar will be visible on the top of the screen.

I moved the topic from the Community category to the general discussions. See the description of the previous category:

I’ll wait for the fix which will propagate to all my devices of course if the size reduction is small enough not to obliterate huge areas of the screen. In the meantime that header has been expunged by using Ublock Origin on those devices.