Using a container to provision bare-metal logical volumes

Is there a guide to using a container to create logical volumes at the bare metal level?

I’m trying this on OEL 7.5 and using docker 18.06.1.

I’m getting very odd results.

When I create the logical volume in the container, it seems to work, and lvdisplay will show the new logical volume as well as any logical volumes that existed prior to starting the container. However the bare metal OS does not see the logical volumes created via the container. (did all the usual stuff like pvscan, lvscan, as well as scsi rescan)

Even more odd, if I tear down this container, completely remove it and the image from the host, then redeploy it, I can see the logical volume(s) I created using the container previously.

I have a feeling udev is part or the entire problem here.

Thanks for any help,