VM on Docker for Mac

Just created Docker ID and tried a few container ‘labs’. This is fun!
My daughter is going to take Interior Design. I was told NOT to buy her a Mac Book because most of the software only runs on Microsoft. I really want her to have the Mac Book. Know lots of students who are very pleased with theirs and it seems like it would be very secure for the purpose of school, internet, email.
Is the idea of running something like Visio on a VM in a container just ridiculously redundant? I know most graphic design software requires a lot of CPU time and then there’s the whole graphics driver compatibility. My head hurts thinking about it. Take two aspirin and buy her an Asus?

Docker will not help you at all for this use case. A full Windows VM or a dual-boot environment like Boot Camp will probably be much better.

In theory you could run a Windows container on a Windows VM with it, but you can’t avoid the Windows VM. Also, interactive desktop applications just aren’t Docker’s strong suit, and I feel like Docker as a whole is still advanced-to-expert-level software. If this worked it’d be a rather unique environment that I’d guess a typical university help desk wouldn’t be able to deal with at all.

Thanks for the quick reply. This is fascinating stuff. I have a lot to learn. Yeah, the helpdesk scenario is nothing I would want to put her or the staff through. Thanks again!