Volume accidently deleted when using docker desktop

Help! I accidently delete a Volume when using docker desktop, is there any way to restore the volume? I found some tips on Linux, but I run docker on Windows. Thanks a lot !!!

First of all, Docker on Windows in case of Linux containers is actually Docker on Linux in a virtual machine which is on Windows but ther eis Linux inside so you could enter Docker Desktop’s WSL2 distribution (Or HyperV VM?) and try something there but restoring files is often hard in normal circumstances and would be even harder in a WSL distribution. Normaly you would stop the machine and use a liveCD maybe or at least stop alll services that write the partition on which you deleted files to avoid the OS overwriting parts of the disk where your files were, but Docker may have already overwritten those parts if other services were running. Also I have no idea how Docker deletes volumes. If it is some secure way that immediately overwrites the bytes of the original disk space, then there is no chance to recover anything.

If you ran Windows containers, that’s another story and testdisk may be able to recover something. It can be used on Windows too, not just on Linux.

Since Dockeer Desktop is for development, I hope you didn’t store any production data on the volume without backups.