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Upgrade docker desktop delete all my data

I have a Postgres container,
after upgrade my docker desktop the Postgres volume was delete. All the data also delete.

Someone know how can I restore the data?

Thanx :wink:

If you run Docker Desktop on Hyper-V (not on WSL), it is possible that your data is not deleted but Docker created a new virtual hard drive. You find the folder containing the drives in the Hyper-V Manager. Go to this folder and look for the Docker drives. Report back what you find there.

There is one “dockerDesktopVM” but I think it’s the new one created after the upgrade

What I need to find there?

You see nothing with name MobyLinuxVM.vhdx?

Edit: And is it correct, everything is empty now and Docker displays no volumes and no images?

There is no “MobyLinux.vhdx”, and docker displays no volume and images

I have dockerDesktop.vhdx instead MobyLinux.vhdx

This looks bad. In some cases I was able to restore disappeared data from a virtual hd that was no longer connected to Docker, but if you find only one this is not possible. If you have system protection activated you could go back to the previous Docker version by setting Windows back to an older restore point. Just… I don’t think that this will bring back your volumes.

Thank you very much for your answer. I had a similar issue and after disabling WSL 2 based engine in the windows docker dashboard all my data is back.
You saved my life.