WASM32 Image may have poor performance, or fail, if run via emulation

Hi all,
When I ran a wasm container, there’s a sign that said “the Image may had poor performance, or fail, if run via emulation”. I don’t get the “emulation” part, is it because 32-bit or some docker detection bug? thanks.

Usually such message appear as a warning message. This is to let you know the performance may be worse, since the architecture is emulated. It happens when the image doesn’t have an ARM version.

May I know which platform are you running this wasm container?

Update 12/28 from Wasmedge team:

So actually it’s emulation.
The wasm support in Docker Desktop is using the “runwasi inside a Linux container (in both x86_64 and arm64)”. If you are using Linux, then it’s native. However, if you are using macOS or Windows, then it will use emulation to execute the Wasm ENV.

Q: is it because runwasi is only on linux for now?

A: Correct. Another thing is that the socket-related functions on other platforms are not well implemented. We only grant all of the functionalities on the Linux platforms currently.