Wasm+Docker no match for platform

hello everyone
I’m creating a Wasm container. I just started using this technology and I have a problem. I install Docker Desktop on my Macbook end I enabled in the settings the use of Wasm. I create a simple Hello World and compiled in Wasm binary. Then I write this Dockerfile:
FROM scratch
COPY ./hello.wasm /hello.wasm
ENTRYPOINT [ “/hello.wasm” ]
And I was trying to build the image with “docker buildx build --platform wasi/wasm -t irisp/hello-world .” but it gives me this error “ERROR: failed to solve: no match for platform in manifest sha256:a0096016fd45bd50f0ba53eb8cdd56f504a93e441c20f580965d4cc50d9959d7: not found” what should I do?
thanks in advance.

I have exactly the same problem, any news about it?

Yesterday I tried it and read/watched some tutorials. I got the same error message whenever I wanted to build my image. I even downloaded RustRover from JetBrains to play with wasm builds. I found the tutorial of @ajeetraina as well:

In the “Building the image” chapter I found this command:

docker build --platform=wasi/wasm --provenance=false -t hello-world-wasm --load .

Adding --provenance=false solved the error, but the container could not start after that. Wasm support in Docker Desktop is still beta so it could be a bug that will be fixed in the future if we report it

Since this topic is about wasm on Mac:

PS.: Although I couldn’t make it work, I found existing wasm images that worked. It seems good so I hope there will be a solution soon.