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We were unable to charge your account

Hi, we have updated our Payment information and add a new credit card but i have received a message:

We were unable to charge your account.
Update your payment information in the Payment Method tab to avoid being switched to a free plan.

We need help to identify what the problem.

Hi, I think the message is pretty clear about what happened but I don’t think we will be able to tell you why. It could be that you didn’t have enough money on your new account or you have to activate something to allow you to automatically charge your account. Maybe you have to approve the payment at the first time. Try to compare your previous and current credit card, bank account or anything that changed. You could contact the Docker support but if you don’t have much time to wait you can also find someone to help you paying with another card and you could transfer money to your friend who helped you until you find the problem. Also you can contact the support at your Bank