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What is the limit to number of read-only collaborators on a private repo


Looking at having a private repo for my organisation but i can not seem to understand the collaborators numbers for a read-only user. It says up to org size, is that the number of members in a team ?

Bit confused.

Ideally i am looking for 20-50 read-only users.


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Go to your private repo, click the Settings tab, and choose Manage access from the menu on the left. You are allowed up to three collaborators with the free plan.

@lewish95 thanks, i do not see the option.

its a paid subscription for a team and the repo is for the organisation.

Still confused.

I am asking about sharing a private repo. Are you saying you can only share with people inside of that team ?

How does an organisation share its private images with its customers ? The customers are not part of a team.

Sorry, @lewish95 is not truely saying anything but seems to be some bot posting search results here, always non-attributed (plagiarism) and unformatted, and most often unrelated to what people are asking. In this case it refers to GitHub, not to Docker, and was taken from git - Adding a collaborator to my free GitHub account? - Stack Overflow. I’ve flagged it. Please see Why does this forum feel so unmoderated? and flag their posts (in this and other topics) if you agree.

As for your question: I don’t know the answer. For paid subscribtions I’d ask support instead (and report back here). Success!