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What version of the images Kubernetes needs in Docker for mac

(Killara) #1

Who can tell me that Version 18.02.0-ce-rc2-mac51 (22446) needs which version of images:
I have to manually download the following images because I can’t link to directly, but I don’t know that what version they are:


(Spottymickey) #2 v1.9.6 472b6fcfe871 4 weeks ago 139MB v1.9.6 a5c066e8c9bf 4 weeks ago 212MB v1.9.6 25d7b2c6f653 4 weeks ago 62.9MB v1.9.6 70e63dd90b80 4 weeks ago 109MB v2.8.2 1c5314e713c2 6 weeks ago 71.6MB v1.8.3 0c60bcf89900 2 months ago 102MB v1.9.2 e6754bb0a529 3 months ago 109MB v1.9.2 769d889083b6 3 months ago 138MB v1.9.2 7109112be2c7 3 months ago 210MB v1.9.2 2bf081517538 3 months ago 62.7MB 3.1.11 59d36f27cceb 4 months ago 194MB 1.14.7 db76ee297b85 6 months ago 42MB 1.14.7 5d049a8c4eec 6 months ago 50.3MB 1.14.7 5feec37454f4 6 months ago 41MB v1.3.3 577260d221db 7 months ago 12.5MB v4.4.3 8cb3de219af7 7 months ago 152MB v1.4.2 d4e02f5922ca 7 months ago 73.4MB 3.0 99e59f495ffa 23 months ago 747kB