When will Docker for Mac be upgraded to 1.12.1?

I’ve been running Docker for Mac 1.12.0-a (build:11213) which has mostly worked for me but my containers all restart every day or so (at random times). I suspect that the dockerd is resetting due to a networking error (in slirp). I have one container that has 70 published ports that sometimes doesn’t restart when this happens (I run all my containers with --restart=always) and I have to manually remove and rerun the container to get back up and running.

I’ve read that 1.12.1 fixes some networking issues so I’ve been hoping that a new update would appear soon. I don’t want to install a beta just to see if this intermittent restarts are fixed.

Docker for Mac 1.12.1 should be released this week (week of September 5, 2016).

Good. My containers are intermittently failing/restarting with network issues a few times a day. Hoping 1.12.1 will fix these issues before I have to spend time investigating precisely what is causing the instability.