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Containers not restarted on Update

( (Charlie)) #1

Expected behavior

When I update the application my existing containers should restart.

Actual behavior

I had to go back and run docker-compose up -d.

(John Pape) #2

What do you mean by update the application? You mean you updated the container image used by your compose file?
Something else?

( (Charlie)) #3

@jpapejr - updating the actual Mac Application. Just got pushed an update (Version 1.11.0-beta7 (build: 5830)) and had to restart my containers afterwards.

(John Pape) #4

I got he same update and had to restart my containers, too. However, my containers were not started with the option to restart either. Were yours?

(Justin Cormack) #5

I just tested this on the master channel (which updates all the time!) and it seems fine. What restart policy were your containers set with that did not restart?