Where are the files saved?

I’ve been using Kali Linux for a few months now and recently researching I found that there is a kali-rolling version, which runs as a Docker container. Yesterday I did the process of installing Docker on windows (I only had it on Kali), and I installed the current version, when I ran the image through cmd, I decided to install the full version of Kali, which, as far as I got, was appearing as 30gb, by 43%. The strange thing is that, even though it was an SSD, it was giving 100% disk, which was causing it to crash and closing cmd and Docker, and when I came back, it was as if there was nothing installed. I went to the folder in ProgramData, looked for the shortcut location, and didn’t find where those 30gb were installed. Now, I come to ask for help to know if there is a specific place where the information is saved, or if it’s just with Kali’s people

Since the other topic is not actually about Windows, if you have further questions, please ask it here. You can also mention @behai from the other topic who sent that answer if you want to.

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Thats worked for me. Thanks