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Where can I find my Docker ID?




I got a user and created an organization with that user. Now, I’d like to convert the user to the organization and I’ve to enter my Docker ID. Where can I find my Docker ID?


(Ming He) #2

You will need to create a new docker user and enter the Docker ID. This user account will become the first member of the Owners team and will have full administrative access to configure and manage the organization.

To manage this organization you will be required to log in with the Docker ID you just created.


Thanks for your response. Where can I find the Docker ID from the newly created user?

(Ming He) #4

Hey, you just create a docker user (pick something haven’t used), the Docker ID needed is just the docker username.


Just create a docker user,and enter your Docker Id.Dockerd id is just another Docker username.Cheers.mybkexperience