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Where is docker logs located on Windows server?

(Artisticcheese) #1

Install docker on windows 2016 and it fails to start, where do I look for docker logs on Windows 2016?

(Michael Friis) #2

There’s some in the event viever. You can also start the daemon in interactive debug mode like this:

dockerd -D

(Artisticcheese) #3

Service Fabric container deployment crashing docker daemon while leaving dockerd.exe still in memory. How do I find out logs from docker service and why it crashed/stopped?

PS C:\Users\Administrator> get-process dockerd

Handles  NPM(K)    PM(K)      WS(K)     CPU(s)     Id  SI ProcessName
-------  ------    -----      -----     ------     --  -- -----------
    232      17    12276      25260       0.14   7388   0 dockerd

PS C:\Users\Administrator> get-service docker

Status   Name               DisplayName
------   ----               -----------
Stopped  Docker             docker

(Artisticcheese) #4

After further debugging I can see Service Fabric stopping docker service and launching it’s own dockerd with following command line below. How can I pull logs off that instance?

“dockerd” -H localhost:2375

(Michael Friis) #5

(Campbech) #6

Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Source Docker -After (Get-Date).AddMinutes(-5)

(Hicklin) #7


its also handy to use | format-table -autosize -wrap so you can see all the test via the output, or use the | format-table -autosize | out-file c:\temp\logs.txt once exported use notepad.exe to read the logs. hope i have added to an all ready good response.