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Where is the Docker config file for Docker Beta on Mac?


(Linkmjb) #1

Expected behavior

Expectation is that ‘-H’ argument values can be added to the config file for Docker at startup. In my case, I am trying to expose my docker-engine to be used as a swarm node/slave over port 2375. I was hoping it might be exposed through the Docker Beta -> Preferences -> Advanced menu, but no such luck.

Actual behavior

I found that /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.docker.vmnetd.plist makes a reference to “Listener” and has SockPathMode and SockPathName set. I assume there is a way to add similar options to tell it to use SockNetMode and/or SockNetName, but I am unsure what the actual names should be, and what the values should be set as (SockPathMode is set as value 438…?)

(Linkmjb) #2

I found a workaround here but I’m sure that’s not the recommended/supported way to accomplish it :wink: