Which open source web server to install docker on a shared hosting

Hi there,

I’m a complete rookie with docker and not sure I fully undertand how it works yet.

Also not sure I’m posting in the right category, feel free to move this post if needed.

I have a shared hosting with a web provider and I understand I need to install an open source web server on it , in order to install docker in the idea of installing discourse and some other products.

Despite a lot of web research I’m still unclear on which low ressource web server I can install and how to do so. If you can redirect me to links and how to it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help

I am not sure I understand the question. Do you want to run a webserver inside a Docker container? If you mean you want to run Docker on a webserver, that is not possible. This is not how Docker works. Docker runs containers and containers are just isolated environments in which you can run applications in a more secure way and using common filesystem layers.

Regarding the webserver, it depends on the actual application, so it is not related to Docker. Although if you want to run Discourse in a Docker Container, they have a Docker image for that:

If you want to be less “rookie” :slight_smile: , I recommend you to read the following tutorial (many but short pages)