Will DSOS allow applications for individual maintainers who dont wish to create organisations?

Hey folks,

So I recently published my first docker image on the hub for a tiny project that I (try to) maintain on GitHub. I was hoping to make my image “trusted”, as in the author who built the project, distributes the docker image as well.

I love that Docker has started DSOS.

Having said that, I was looking at the Docker-Sponsored Open Source Program and there seems to be a hard requirement for setting up an organization on docker (or migrate account to an organization account). The application fails without doing this.

Couple of issues/doubts with this:

  1. What happens to my original personal account, will docker redirect image pulls from my namespace to organization namespace?
  2. Would I be able to create a new personal account with the same email (assuming, I have now migrated, and my personal email is still attached to the organization on docker)?
  3. Personally, I believe that a lot of FOSS maintainers don’t end up setting organizations on GitHub, specially if they are the only one working on the project (a lot of medium-sized projects will fall in this category).
  4. Setting up organizations generates a lot of “ops” work in finding the correct and common names across docker and GitHub, not to mention docs redirects etc. which seems uneasy.

Having said that, Is there a possibility that DSOS will cover folks under their own namespace in the future?