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Windows 10 - Docker Container IPs remain after an uninstall

(Osuhickeys) #1

I am having a very weird issue. I had Docker installed and a container running. I was prompted to upgrade and I selected yes. The upgrade failed. When I went to run Docker, it had been removed. I reinstalled it and was no longer able to connect to any containers. I removed Docker and rebooted. I ran numerous PS scripts to forcefully remove Docker and rebooted. Here is the weird part. With Docker removed, I still get ping responses from and I even tried stopping all Hyper-V services and can still ping.

I am not able to ping from a machine outside my home network and connected to the Internet. I am not able to ping from another machine on my home network. I can only ping it from the host I had Docker on. The VM is gone from Hyper-V. The virtual switch for Docker is removed from Hyper-V. There are no network adapters associated with Docker anymore.

I am about down to some more drastic steps. I am thinking I will uninstall Hyper-V and then going back to a pre-Docker install restore point. I am guessing I will ultimately end up having to rebuild this machine.

Hoping I am missing something obvious. I posted a tracert below as well form ther host that had Docker installed.