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Windows server running with using Docker on Centos

We want to try windows server (2016 , 2019 ,nano etc.) install usind docker on Linux container.We installed docker on Centos machine but I dont want install on Windows host , I want to see to run linux platform.

As per the Preview version you can remove the -RequiredVersion preview tag and then install. The process will install Docker Enterprise Edition on Server 2019 and not the CE version as the one for WIN 10. If the container you want to run is a Linux container then you may face some tough times reason being

The containers(linux) runs on Server 2019 using LCOW way and the LCOW way is an experimental feature.
You said that you want to run container in Production environment and I would say not to use and experimental feature for Production.
Incase you need to run the containers on a server edition of Windows ie Server 2016 or Server 2019 you can go with the Docker CE (ie the same .exe that works on Win 10). One important point to note is that on server 2016 all the docker versions are not supported. Docker is the supported version of Docker on Server 2016.(Latest Docker does not work on server 2016 but it works on Server 2019

Note : I face the same issues as you face ie you want the run the containers on Server 2019. The above are my findings so far. There is no clarity from windows side about how to run docker containers.