WordPress Multisite

Hi all. I’m PHP developer and new on Docker.
I’m working on a project that need to be developed using Docker and I’ve got a question about how Docker deals with WordPress multisite network.

I don’t know very much about Docker so that’s why I’m here.

My project has a bunch of access every day so we will Docker to increse our infrastructure.

My question is: If a make a WordPress mulsite network Docker will deal with each site in the network as one container OR Docker will run WordPress into a single container that deals with all the WordPress network?

As I’ve said we have a lot of access every day so I was thinking about share my application into many containers (each site 1 container). Is that possible or is the better solution?

Thank you!

Hi. Did you ever find the answer to this? I would like to know the same thing.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. You can either:

  1. run all your WordPress sites in a multisite network in a single Docker container, or
  2. run each site as a separate WordPress installation in individual containers.

If you’re successfully using a multisite set-up in production, I’d choose option 1.