WSL 2 distros are not recreated on reinstall - startup hangs

I recently had to reinstall Docker Desktop due to some issues with WSL 2, but now that I reinstalled it hangs on startup, and when I check in WSL, the docker-desktop and docker-desktop-data distros have not been recreated on reinstall.
Might this be the reason that Docker Desktop hangs on startup? What can I do to fix? I have already uninstalled en reinstalled several times.

EDIT: I have also reinstalled WSL 2 before reinstalling Docker Desktop, but that made no difference.

EDIT: I can install Docker Desktop 4.15 and it works, when I update to 4.16.2 it removes the docker-desktop distro and it stops working

OS: Windows 10 22H2 Build 19045.2486
App version: 4.16.2

Even though updates worked for me, I have seen multiple reports about Docker Desktop for Windows recently, but I don’t know the answer to these issues. I can only suggest to check the issue tracker on GitHub and comment on an existing issue or create a new one.