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Zsh: no such file or directory: wQynFpWcdsKduCeyXTij -- PLease Help!

Hey Guys,

Im trying to download a docker image and run the container by following this instruction page: Machine-Learning-for-Algorithmic-Trading-Second-Edition/installation at master · PacktPublishing/Machine-Learning-for-Algorithmic-Trading-Second-Edition · GitHub

The heading is " Downloading the Docker image and running the container"

Im a pure docker noob and just want to connect to this API so i can just start learning the book…

My issues is that when i run the provided line:

docker run -it -v $(pwd):/home/packt/ml4t -p 8888:8888 -e QUANDL_API_KEY= --name ml4t appliedai/packt:latest bash

I replace my “your api key” with wQynFpWcdsKduCeyXTij which is my key and error message that come up is: zsh: no such file or directory: wQynFpWcdsKduCeyXTij.

Can someone please help!?!?!