10 GB docker image error "not enough disk space"

Hello. I have read other forums about docker images eating up disk space.

I have an UBUNTU partition on my mac, 80 GB, with roughly 40 GB of disk space used.

I create a 10 GB docker image, and tried to push it using docker push command, and I received the error
"not enough disk space".

The problem I am having now, is that now my Ubuntu system will not load my desktop (i am able to log in successfully and the Ubuntu does boot).

So I do not know if this is a docker issue, the image issue, or Ubuntu issue.

I tried using Boot2docker on my mac, and the virtual disk is 20 gb of space. I receive the same error using boot2docker on my mac.

my docker file is

FROM ubuntu
RUN apt-get install cmake -y
RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get clean
RUN apt-get install libc6-dev -y
RUN apt-get install libc6 -y
RUN apt-get instal libhdf5-dev -y
COPY software /bin

the software directory is 9GB.


See https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/3315