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Mac OS X, "no space left on device"

(Craigching) #1

Hi all,

I’m using the latest docker client (1.8.1 I think? just downloaded and installed yesterday). My Dockerfile installs a JDK and a somewhat large tar.gz, ~300MB. When I build this image, I get “no space left on device” when un-tarring the tar.gz. Is the host VM maybe not created with a large enough filesystem? How do I handle this in the “new” docker world? I’m used to boot2docker, this is my first time trying out the docker toolbox. Appreciate any advice!


(Nippysaurusu) #2

If you are using boot2docker I think you get 18gb by default (I ran out of space pretty quickly running just a few of our projects on it).

But if you use docker-machine (which I highly recommend) you can specify the amount of disk space when creating the machine (when I was using boot2docker it did not have this feature).

This is the parameter you want:

--virtualbox-disk-size "50gb"

(Cheshire137) #3

50gb would actually be 50000 according to the command-line docs:

--virtualbox-disk-size "20000" Size of disk for host in MB [$VIRTUALBOX_DISK_SIZE]