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Always hunting for concrete information, but failing to find it

Hi. I’m not new to Docker and I wanted to discuss an issue I’ve been having with finding information about configuration in compose. When I’m faced with an issue, I am always going to take it to the source to find out as much information as I can about it. This occurs with Docker from time to time, but I always leave feeling a bit unsatisfied with the amount of information I’m getting.

I recently updated a Docker service via it’s compose file. I needed to change the deployment configuration concerning restart policy, specifically the “window” value. In the Docker compose docs there’s an example and an explanation of the configuration. In my case I used “window: 120s”

        condition: any
        delay: 10s
        max_attempts: 7
        window: 120s

I trusted that this was the correct way to do it and moved on to a lower environment deployment. When I inspect the service in UCP this is the information I get.

My window time has gone from seconds to nano seconds. UCP does give time increments in their form fields, like here in “Update Delay (Seconds)”.
When I first saw the nanosecond read out I thought I had done something incorrectly so I went back to the documentation to see if I can store the time value as nanoseconds. I couldn’t find that information.

This is a simple and seemingly uneventful example, but I need someone/the community to understand the difficulties I have like this with the Docker docs. Am I missing something?

Where is the compose documentation that has a table with every possible configuration key and it’s associated acceptable values? I’m looking more for Javadoc like documentation, something that strays away from example and just gives you the facts. I can find the examples elsewhere.
Thanks for getting this far. :crazy_face:

It is indeed odd that the specified unit for a duration is implicitly converted from seconds to nano seconds. Did you inspect the service and check whether the convertion already took pleacewhile creating the service or if the convertion takes palce in UCP?

I do remember that somewhere in the sources of one of the docker sources (not sure if moby or compose itself) had a full fledged example of all configuration items.

Since UCP (which has a different name now where Mirantis owns it) can be either a Trial or an active subscription, you might want to open a support ticket and let Mirantis answer the question :slight_smile:

I have mixed feelings about UCP and the value it actualy adds to operate a cluster cough

First off, thank you for your response.
I did inspect the service (after you mentioned it above) and it is stored in json as nanoseconds. Would that piece of information tell you something about how the Mirantis server is configured?

I will look for the project with the full compose example.