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Automated build is broken after recreation of the associated Github repository

(Adferrand) #1

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with the automated build on one of my repository since few months.

It concerns adferrand/backuppc, which is an automated build enabled repository associated to the github repository adferrand/docker-letsencrypt-dns. Few months ago, I was tired and I accidently deleted the github repository… I immediately recreated it and reconstructed its content.

However since then, even if the Docker hub repo is marked as configured to use automated build, it does not work anymore: any push to the github repo does not trigger a build on docker hub. But manually triggering the relevant build (for instance master branch to latest tag) does work.

I think something is wrong with the fact that the automated build system was configured with a repo, but now the repo that exists has the same name, but definitively not some hidden identifier, as it was recreated from ashes.

I do not see any option to decouple the old github repo, that I hope could fix the problem by recoupling everything correctly to the actual github repository. I also suppose that if I deleted the Docker hub repo and reconstructed it, that would fix the problem. But I definitively do not want to lose the stars and pull history, like it did for the github repository.

Do you think there is a third option, or maybe from the Docker hub admins, there is a way to remap things correctly without deleting the current docker hub repo?

Thanks in advance.

Adrien Ferrand

(Adferrand) #2

Has someone done something ? I think is not a coincidence, everything is working again, automated build are triggered again when there is a push on Github.

So thanks to anyone who fixed it !

Adrien Ferrand