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Automated docker pulls from Github-hosted runner: which "organization" must pay?

I found this FAQ: Docker FAQs | Docker

Q: I want to run an automated agent that makes container requests on behalf of my organization. Which license do I need?
A: Automated agents or service accounts that make container image requests of Docker Hub must be licensed under a Docker Team subscription.

In the case of anonymous pulls from a Github-hosted runner which organization must pay? Github or the open-source project? This FAQ should be much clearer.

BTW I’m aware Github has some special agreement with Docker[*] (otherwise anonymous pulls would have hit a rate limit a long time ago) But this special agreement does IMHO not answer my question.

[*] Did Dockerhub rate limit affect Github Action? · Issue #1445 · actions/virtual-environments · GitHub

Also filed as support request 65940, not answered.